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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Warm Welcome: Messy Bessy

Warm welcome to my Messy Bessy cleaning agents!
These are from another Philippine brand (so proud).

I'm ditching Procter & Gamble beginning TODAY. 
No offense meant to the brand, but it's about time my hands AND the environment stop suffering from chemicals.
Linen Spray: Php 130.00 for 200 mL
Liquid Detergent: Php 168.00 for 1 Liter + 50 mL
Dish Cleaner: Php 78.50 for 260 mL
Where Bought
Rustan's Supermarket - Rustan's Flower Shop, Makati City
Research and decisions
I have been researching about Messy Bessy and Human Nature's cleaning agents for quite sometime until I decided to see and smell the products for myself. Good thing these lines are both available at the Rustan's Supermarket.

After some more pondering --- i.e., going back and forth the counters and aisles of the supermarket --- and paying for my selections,  I realized that I ended up crossing-out my checklist with Messy Bessy buys.

Please click Read More for my "two cents".

The label
The advocacy of saving the environment is clearly represented by the tag line while "buying Filipino" is depicted through colors and symbols inspired by the Philippine flag. But is that all there is about Messy Bessy?

When I read about Messy Bessy's origins and the "gears" that make it work now, I admired them more. Beyond the frequently trumpeted "green campaigns", I recognize  the humility in Messy Bessy's branding. There is no short story, no marketing pitch, and no dramatic attempt in the labels to entice customers to buy for a cause. "We clean. We green. We educate." Period. 

But how would you feel if you learned that the pack of Messy Bessy laundry liquid detergent that you bought was made by a homeless, street-soccer-playing teen learning to master the chemistry of baking soda and essential oils, while having to go through his own daily battles over low self-esteem, lack of belongingness, and poverty?

The bottomline
Messy Bessy's advocacy is not just the "all-natural", i.e., use of ingredients that are biodegradable, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and not producing toxic fumes or chemical residues. Its founder, Kristina “Krie” Reyes-Lopez, started Messy Bessy in 2007 with the objective of achieving the Triple Bottomline: People, Planet and Profit. 

Krie is a mechanical engineer and Messy Bessy's workers are the at-risk or disadvantaged (abused, trafficked, out-of-school, impoverished) youth from the Homeless World Cup, Caritas or Young Focus in the Philippines --- all working together to build these young people's self-esteem and to teach them skills beyond the chemistry of organic household and personal care products. Hopefully, these will help carry them through the real, sometimes cruel world outside of Messy Bessy's production floor. Quite fitting, considering that Messy Bessy was hatched from an equally admirable sustainability project: HOUSE --- short for Helping Ourselves through Sustainable Enterprises. The "We educate" part of Messy Bessy's cause is to help send to school these disadvantaged young people through its Social Enterprise Apprenticeship Program. 
(Credits to: www.messybessy.com, housepeoplecenter.blogspot.com and business.inquirer.net/83438/meet-the-lady-behind-messy-bessy)

Krie and the people behind Messy Bessy are rare finds today where most enterprises see profit as the ONLY bottomline.

Clean & Green for a worthy cause
The world may have been a safer, cleaner and better place during Messy Bessy's days whose character (based on a painting by no less than its founder, Krie) may have lived at times when mothers scrubbed and cleaned with vinegar and baking soda. Industrialization and technology have brought us convenience as well as harmful by-products. As you tinker with your latest "phablet" in your crisp corporate suit and expensive perfume, do you ever stop midway and wish that you could bring back the Messy Bessy days?

This simple, less urbane domesticated moi will try to do that --- bring back the good old stuff --- in my own little kitchen sink. As I make this declaration to the universe, hopefully this little step will be replicated a billion times by the rest of the domesticated lovelies out there.

Scrub scrub away =)

Linen Spray...a multi-tasker to take care of smelly stuff indoors
Liquid Detergent in Lavender...challenges me to ditch my powder and fabric softener
Dish Cleaner in Vanilla Orange...my two faves in one bottle will hopefully make my hands happy 
And more: Php 10 for every returned bottle
Please do check out Messy Bessy's really cool website for more information. 

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