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Sunday, July 09, 2017

The Saturday Agenda: Indian Brunch, Kensington Palace and The Regent's Park

Hey there! How's your weekend going so far? Are you dreading Monday and wishing for the extra 24 hours to prolong the weekend bliss? Hahaha, I feel you my friend. So relatable!

My weekend buddy, travel organiser, and good friend Liza is leaving for a place with almost-year-round warm weather very soon and we are maximising the weekends left for her to have a proper 'last hurrah' with London (after staying here for more than seven years).

It was a sunny Saturday contrary to our expectations of cloudy skies. Obviously, that made us very happy. Let's keep the text brief and sweet. Here's the Saturday agenda in five bullets:

  1. We had Indian brunch at Dishoom (Carnaby branch). The place gets packed quite fast and one needs to reserve ahead. Good thing we got a 9:30 AM spot.
  2. We walked around the Regent Street. It was the day of the London Pride March and the streets were decked out in rainbow colours.
  3. Kensington Park. It was a lovely day under the sunshine and the gardens seemed as green as they can be.
  4. Kensington Palace. Our Art Fund pass allowed us free entry to visit the state apartments where royals like Queen Victoria and Princess Diana once lived.
  5. Regent's Park. Incidentally, I got to cross out one from my bucket list: To visit an English Garden. Do you think I will be able to cross out the other two in my list this year?
Click 'Read more'to see my short, sort-of bucket list and the rest of the Saturday agenda pictures.

Bombay omelette

A slice of toast, grilled tomato and the Indian version of the omelette (three eggs, chopped tomato, coriander, onion and green chili)

London Pride Day (Regent Street)

Kensington Gardens

The White Garden, in honour of the late Princess Diana

Our Art Fund Pass spared us from the longer queue.
However, there were strict security checks in place. Keep your belongings to a minimum if you want a short pre-entrance check. I brought a small bag with probably less than ten items and it still took me quite a while to get through.

The King's Staircase

Inside the state apartments

Can you see the dancer's shadow?

Is this the royalty's version of Snakes and Ladders? Or is this Monopoly?

A not-so-subtle way to make a grand entrance

Our pass also included entrance to the exhibition, Diana: Her Fashion Story.

I love this artsy corner which depicts the many faces of the late princess.

Fun snap:
Prim and properly dressed (?) as I was, in a way, seated among royals :)

On to another section of the palace: Queen Victoria Revealed...

Ascended to the throne at a very young age, Queen Victoria was known for her passionate temperament. She made sure no one mourned her death as it was for her a happy time to finally be reunited with her beloved Prince Albert.
After we were done with Kensington Palace, we thought it was time for some cool refreshments... 

Since there was no pistachio...it was the default flavour choice no. 2 - salted caramel.

We walked around Kensington Park and rested under the shade of trees while people watching :)

Liza had her scheduled Thai massage while I explored the little shops around Bayswater.

Afterwards, we thought, 'Why not got to Regent's Park for more park relaxation?'

My sort-of bucket list:
The page on the left is for travels and the page on the right is for experiences.
We only covered perhaps one-tenth of the entire park (It is massive!) but I was happy to have crossed out something from my bucket list again :)

Lovely gardens. Lovely day.
Have a lovely rest of the Sunday! Ciao!

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