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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Saturday Agenda: Kenwood House & Hampstead Heath

Hello dear. Hope summer is treating you well, wherever you are now.
I went for a "little escape" this weekend.

Here's my quick Saturday agenda:
  1. Kenwood House - This stately house and its estate is located at the northern part of Hampstead Heath. This was featured in films such as Notting Hill and Sense and Sensibility. It also houses a collection of paintings which includes a Rembrandt self-portrait.
  2. Hampstead Heath - A really massive park that is more "countryside" than green spaces typical of London city parks. If you want to truly detach from urban life without going very far from the city, this is the 'heath' for you. Think hilly, sometimes forest-like, grassy trails and ponds (like the one pictured above).
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Kenwood House
Some of my favourite paintings from the Kenwood House

There is an interesting story behind this painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin, Elizabeth Murray. Belle, who was born into slavery, was entrusted to the Murrays who raised her in the Kenwood House and educated her together with their niece, Lady Elizabeth. Her story was thought to be crucial to the ruling on slavery at that time.
(The painting hanging in the Kenwood House is a replica while the original is housed in Scone Palace in Perth, Scotland)

The Guitar Player
(Johannes Vermeer)
Self-portrait with Two Circles
Can you see them --- the two circles? Is there a deeper meaning to this self-portrait?
Innocence in both faces

I want a personal library like this!!!

Hampstead Heath
Now, let's go outdoors!

Caption from my Instagram:  I was lying down on my beach mat and soaking in generous doses of vitamin D when this four-legged fluff came bounding with a stick. I welcomed the disruption and managed to quickly capture this lovely snapshot. When I checked back to do my usual crops and edits of the weekend snaps, I realised that this picture managed to beautifully capture three facets of love: young giddy love, old comfortable love, and unconditional patiently waiting love. I much prefer the latter, but hey that's just me.

Just look at those eyes. He wanted his mom/dad to witness his small victory, i.e., "Got the big ol' stick! Yay!"

Caption from my Instagram: The things you discover when you snap now and crop later...I was so tempted to crop you out, haha, but eventually decided not to. Thanks guys for sneaking in this postcard-perfect shot of the prelude to British summer!

The Parliament Hill, which lends a good view of the city, is on the southeast end of the park.

About 20,000 steps later (literally)...

Bye for now, dear. Enjoy the rest of the day! :)

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